Private Care

Old fashioned evidence-based healthcare short wait time and easy access to provider. Our goal is to decrease unnecessary ER visits

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Home Visits

Quality evidence -based personalized care at the comfort of your private residence, office or hotel.

"Healthcare that comes to you"

Virtual Visits

Access our provider via our secure virtual visit without leaving your private residence, office or hotel. Most issues can be resolve via virtual visits

Membership Benefits

  • Visits on demand

  • No copay or high deductible

  • Exclusive one on one care

  • Expert advices

  • Easy access to provider

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Healthcare at your fingertips

- Are you uninsured, underinsured or with high insurance co pays?

- Are you a tourist or business traveler in the city and need non emergent medical assistance?

- Do you simply needs  private convenient personalized  care at the comfort of private residence, office, or hotel?

- Too busy and can't afford to lose a day waiting in the urgent care clinic

- Are you an employer looking for healthcare services for your employees

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this service is right for you. 

Here is a short video to help understand how our services work

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