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Direct Primary Vs Insurance

Is Direct Primary an alternative to health insurance?

Many people are searching for a better primary care alternative and many are finding it with direct primary care (DPC) . Today, I share this great article from Janet Hunt : ''Direct Primary Care alternatives to health Insurance.

Regarding Janet Hunt, Choices in the health insurance marketplace are always a good thing. A relatively new choice to patients who may be looking for alternatives to the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange and traditional health care is now available—it is called Direct Primary Care or DPC.

Let's make the genesis of Direct Primary Care. Direct Primary Care began in the late 1990s and recent numbers show there are approximately 790 Direct Primary Care practices in the U.S. What the DPC model accomplishes is allowing family physicians an alternative to fee-for-service billing. This is accomplished by charging patients in billing cycles of monthly, quarterly or annual fees. The fees cover primary care services including consultations, laboratory testing, clinical and other medical services. For services not covered by DPC, it is a good idea to purchase a supplemental wrap-around policy to cover emergency expenses or expenses not covered by the DPC plan.

If you want know more about this article from Janet Hunt, please click here.

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