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The cost-savings for direct primary care patients

Decades ago, doctor made a house call when a patient was too sick to go to the doctor’s office.

Although the practice seems old fashioned; most people agree the current healthcare system

often leaves much to be desired.

This has been made possible through direct primary care model that provide a more

personalized health care experience that would improve the health and wellbeing within the


The Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) report that in 2017 health care cost spending rise up to $10,739 per person. Insurance premium and out of pocket cost can be very costly for most patient.

Direct primary care practice is a membership-based model. Patient pay a monthly fee which typically range between $50 to $100 and that cover all the basic primary care services. There are no extra or hidden fees. DPC does not accept insurance and generally encourage members to maintain a high deductible, catastrophic insurance for major medical issues that would require specialized treatment or hospitalizations.

In a recent 2019 consumer report stated that direct primary care can be cost effective and

convenient for patient with chronic health problems that need close monitoring such as

hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol

Direct primary care member enjoys the personal relationship with their provider with longer

office visit, extended hours and 24/7 unlimited access.

Direct primary care is growing in popularity with cost-conscious.

In Heartwellness direct primary care, our mission is to provide healthcare access at a low affordable cost to all, decrease hospital re-admission through chronic disease management and promote healthy lifestyle.  Please call us today on 301-259-3574.

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